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For Minors (16 years or younger), click here for Child Passport.


Proof of U.S. Citizenship


  • A certified U.S. birth certificate OR
  • An expired U.S. passport OR
  • Original naturalization certificate


Proof of Identification


  • State issued driver’s license (at least 6 months old) bearing a photo
  • Military I. D. bearing a photo


Please send one recent professional passport type photograph.


Passport Photo Guide - Click Here  


Non-passport photograph type is not acceptable.


Proof of Departure


A copy of your airline ticket or flight itinerary from your travel agent, airline, or online booking company. It is not required for the Proof of Departure to be purchased only that it will confirm your travel intentions. A print out of the confirmation email that you are emailed after booking a flight is ideal. OR


A signed letter detailing that your job requires you to travel frequently and with short notice.
Please follow this letter format.


Letter of Authorization


Please complete and print out THREE copies of Authorization Letter. This letter will authorize our company to submit and obtain the new passport on your behalf. Please choose the correct Authorization Letter below base on the processing time you requested for your passport application:


  • 24 hour processing: Call us for Authorization Letter after you placed order. We will email it to you. Please make sure to inform our customer service representative if you have more than one applicant.

  • 2 Days processing: Click here to download Authorization Letter.

  • 3-5 Days processing: Click here to download Authorization Letter.

  • 6-7 Days processing: Click here to download Authorization Letter.

  • 8-10 Days processing: Click here to download Authorization Letter.


U.S. Government Fee


Make one check or money order payable to “U.S. Department of State”. Please write your name and date of birth on the check or money order.


  • Passport Book: $170.00
  • Passport Book and Passport Card: $200.00


Processing time & service fee


  • 24 hour processing – $329
  • 2 business days processing – $279
  • 3-5 business days processing- $209
  • 6-7 business days processing – $159
  • 8-10 business days processing – $109
  • 11-14 business days processing – $89


Orde Form 


Complete our online Order Form.


Application DS-11 form  


Please click here to complete, and create your passport application (DS-11) online. Print TWO copies of the completed DS-11 form. Do not sign your DS-11 application form until you are instructed to do so by the acceptance agent. Give one DS-11 to the acceptance agent to be placed inside the sealed envelope. The second DS-11 is to be placed inside your FedEx package to Visa Express. 


Note: The application Wizard will ask you to select fees, shipping and processing options. Select any options to complete the form, no payments will be made and options selected will have no effect on the actual service provided by Visa Express.


Execute Documents


All first time or new applicants need to have their applications authorized by local government officials called Acceptance Agents. Bring all of the documents listed above to a Passport Acceptance Facility ( usually a Post Office or County Court House) and notify the agent you are using an expediting service to “hand carry” your application. As stated, please present all above listed items to the Acceptance Agent for approval. You will then sign the passport application form in the presence of the Acceptance Agent who will witness your signature and select the following items from the above list to place in an envelope.


Ship Documents To US


  1. The government sealed envelope from the Acceptance Agent

  2. Extra copy of your application form (DS-11)

  3. One copy of Letter of authorization (other two copies should be inside the sealed envelope)

  4. Order Form 


Please forward a printed copy of your Order Form and all required documents to the address on top of the Order Form.